Friday, April 18, 2014

new perspective.

Our church has been doing a 30 day challenge. We are reading the New Testament in 30 days and we started about a month ago so that we could be finished by Easter. A year ago, I read through the entire Bible as my New Year's resolution. It was an eye opening experience and it really marked a change in my spiritual relationship with God. Reading through the New Testament again has been different than it was last time. I think it is because our perspective changes and the Bible is always relative to our life.

Just in time for this challenge I received a Holman's Christian Study Bible for Women to review. It is an absolutely gorgeous Bible and all the extra background information has really added to my reading experience. I love understanding things in context.

B&H publishing is incredibly generous and offers some of their Bibles to bloggers for review. Just go here. I adore my other NIV Bible that was gifted to me as a graduation gift from J's parents (with my new soon-to-be married name) and it is marked up and covered in notes -- making it completely mine. Initially I thought "I don't need a new Bible", but what I have come to realize is that sometimes a new Bible is the perfect motivation to take a look at God's word in a new light. 

Happy Easter lovely friends. 
May God's peace and grace renew your spirit this weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

His plan.

As I have been sharing, J and are at a really exciting turning point. I graduate in a little less than a month and J will become a fourth year. We are on the cusp of big changes. Exciting changes. We are about to say hello to a lot more life and a whole lot less studying.

A couple weeks ago J took the first part of his boards for school. This weekend I took a big national exam that is the first step towards becoming a licensed counselor (after I get that M.S. behind my name, of course). It is a little anxiety provoking since we won't know for a couple months if either one of us passed, but I have faith. God has brought us this far and I truly believe we are doing what He wants us to be doing -- right now. As for the future...I have no idea. I'm just walking in faith.

 I kinda hope I get to keep using my counseling skills because I really love being a therapist. I also know that there is a great possibility that God has prepared me for an entirely different line of work and that fifty years from now I will reflect back on a path nothing like what I envisioned. Isn't that best thing about our God though? He plants seeds in our hearts and leads us certain ways, however our plans are never to the magnitude that His are for us. I can already see certain ways that my plans totally sucked in comparison to the way he led me (like marrying J...definitely God's plan, not mine).  I love it.

Have you already seen ways that your life plans paled in comparison to what God worked out for you? I hope so!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


March goals were mostly a success & here we are in April already. Wow.

(totally thought I posted this to my credit I have been working on these)

1. Time to revamp my resume and start applying for jobs post graduation just four weeks away!
2. Take the National Counselor Exam (April 13th)
3. More time outdoors.
4. Start counseling licensure process...
5. Prioritize Wellness
6. Pack away winter clothes & get out those beautiful spring colors
7. Get back to blogging.
8. TP project
9. Finish reading the New Testament by Easter
10. Finish Internship and complete graduate school!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Wow. I blink and a week goes by...or maybe two. 
I have not had the time or energy to blog and I am okay with that. Hope you are too. 
First, thank you all for the sweet comments and prayers for J's boards. Two very intense and very long days for my guy. Hopefully, he is done for good. They don't find out if they passed Part One until May. Womp, womp. But we have faith that he passed and can move on to the next step towards optometry school graduation (we are almost to the one-year countdown!).
Second, life has been great. I'm busy as ever at my internship, but loving every minute. Okay---almost every minute. Some minutes are rough. However, despite rough moments I am so grateful to have placed at this site and to have had these opportunities. I still have five short weeks with my clients and I am totally okay with time slowing down just a bit. Graduation will be here before we know it.
Third, here are some photos that have been hanging out on my phone.
[i love this dress. perfect fit. $7]

[these two...]

[can you tell what my favorite colors are? ha!]

[spring colors starting to come out]

 [Allyson sent me this awesome mug. The bones appear when it gets hot]
[got a haircut. bad bangs. and no make-up. why am I sharing this?]

[somehow ended up with a 2nd birthday reward! thanks SB]

[another "spring" outfit of the week]

hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
enjoy your Monday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

today is here.

It is finally the day of J's board exam (part one). Today is the day that he has been working towards for a very long time. Technically, years. He has been studying in particular for this non-stop the past few months. I'm not kidding about non-stop. He gets up early and studies before clinic/classes and then when he gets home he studies until just before bed. Some days he studies ALL DAY LONG. Needless to say-- we are both ready for him to be done. I may get home late, but the selfish wife that I am would like to hang out with my hubs for more than ten minutes before we both fall asleep, exhausted. We're also pretty excited about the prospect of having a week again...

Prayers would be greatly appreciated! He's smart, he knows his stuff, but I know he would appreciate prayers for peace & wisdom as he remembers three years worth of eye ball stuff. His test starts today and goes through tomorrow. 

Thanks friends!