Monday, July 21, 2014


it was a very laid back weekend. my favorite kind.

watching out the window for J to get home.

Friday night date.

Coop and I went for an adventure in the woods.

This is pretty much how my afternoon looked. Blogs & books.

That is until our J got home from his volunteer event in the clinic.

these two.

I did not get done the homework I had planned and the vacuum is still sitting in the hall where I paused, but it was worth ditching those things to spend time with my boys.
Hope you have a great Monday! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


---Favorite Things---

giant sunflowers.

morning walks with Coop and the sunshine.
this amazing 70 degree weather we're having in july. july!
Jesus Calling devotion. speaking straight to my heart every morning.
 hump day Wednesdays.


some good days at work. they make up for the crappy ones.

a husband who leaves me little love notes.
 peace and rest.

a Momma who is willing to listen when I need to just talk.

a merciful God who promises a us great future.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

three years.

We took advantage of the beautiful lighting at one of the last weddings we were involved in this spring. I snatched J up while he had a break from groomsman duties, ran up the hill for some privacy, and my brother, Ben, snapped a few pictures for our third-year anniversary.

 photo IMG_7240_zpsf1293d8b.jpg

 photo IMG_7237_zps638827d8.jpg

 photo IMG_7249_zpsf3bb5cc2.jpg

 photo IMG_7232_zps386a7ebb.jpg

 photo IMG_7238_zpsf6015046.jpg

 photo IMG_7245_zpsf5b57402.jpg

 photo IMG_7243_zps1f7027ee.jpg

    photo IMG_7250_zpsd02b9152.jpg

second-year anniversary.
first-year anniversary.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

right now.

Confession. I struggle with living in the present. I get stuck using "when - then" statements and ignore the moment because the future seems brighter. Right now seems mundane whereas tomorrow seems exciting.

 I am trying hard not to do that anymore. I've been trying to slow down, be present, and enjoy this time because God has given it to me. I don't want to waste a day.

So that is what I am trying to do. Instead of just surviving through this time--I'm going to live it. Each day is another wonderful day in this place and I am not going to let the future excitements ruin these moments.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

b & j's "not-engaged" photos

Every now and then I get to take pictures of these two. My little brother and his girlfriend are so photogenic that it is not hard to capture pretty pictures with them. Throw in this beautiful lighting and I barely had to do any work at all.

 photo IMG_7179_zps590d47f7.jpg
 photo IMG_7187_zps053d2250.jpg

 photo IMG_7184_zps6d74caae.jpg 

 photo IMG_7201_zpsed4dfb12.jpg 

 photo IMG_7203_zps0061b839.jpg 

   photo IMG_7261_zps547e0aca.jpg

They wanted to make sure everyone knows that these pictures do not mean they are engaged and have been hashtagging #notengaged on posts hehe.

Ben also took a few photos of J and me for our third-year anniversary. I'll share those soon.